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Welcome to! There are many reasons to enjoy poker: bluffs, excitement, gambling, competitiveness, skill, and luck, are all features of poker.

Poker School

Poker School Learn to play good poker in our Poker School
Build a solid poker foundation by understanding the fundamentals. A step-by-step introduction to Texas Hold'em leaves no one behind. The most important strategy concepts allows you to develop that "edge". There is no reason to be confused, enter the poker school and start learning now!

In addition there are many poker players:
- The recently hooked ones after having watched televised tournaments.
- The bold high-stakes players who with calculated aggression and barefaced deception are one step away from immense overnight riches.
- The seasoned winning-adds-to-the-fun social player.
All highlight different aspects of the game of poker.

Common to all poker players is that they are looking for a great poker experience. Poker is a rewarding game when the surroundings are just right and the chips, the betting rounds, and the beautiful picture cards come together. This site is dedicated to the ultimate poker experience.

Finding a good poker room to play at is most important in order to facilitate a worthwhile poker experience. Depending on where you live, it used to be hard to find a decent poker game at all. You might have had to travel for hours or even leave the country. With the recent poker boom, this is not the case anymore. Today, anyone with an internet connection has a choice of thousands of poker tables in hundreds of poker rooms. But how is that choice made?

Poker Room Reviews

Poker Room Review Where is the loose action? Where are the bonuses?
How do you choose which poker room to play at? There are so many to choose from, and they are definitely not all the same. How many players are there at peak hours, and are they any good? What kind of bonus offers do they offer? Find out by reading our reviews of the top poker rooms!

The best choice is based on reliable facts. Some factors are absolute while others needs to be interpreted. A comprehensive guide to choosing rooms is found on the right navigation bar. Only the best poker rooms are reviewed. Which poker room that is right for you depends on your preferences. Even though it is not possible to find any real flops amongst the selected poker sites, it still pays off to make a well thought through decision. Another tactics is to give a poker room a test run, after you have found it at least worthy of that. To try out a specific room, just click on one of the banners.

A sound strategy and knowledge about poker is also a key ingredient to make a poker session a great experience. Once at a good site it is essential to know what to do there. For great reading on a variety of subjects, please see the left navigation bar. Learn more about Texas Hold'em and other poker variants. For poker variant specific information, click on the top navigation bar or try the search function.

Enjoy your stay, have fun and good luck!

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